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Sunita Ram

I have an MPhil in Biological Sciences from Fordham University, New York, USA, and my research interests lie in understanding the ecology and distribution of primates and finding long term conservation strategies for them in the southern Western Ghats. I work at FERAL India 


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Srinivas Vaidyanathan

My research interest includes landscape ecology, space-time analysis and connectivity conservation, with a particular interest in understanding changes in landscape-level structure and processes that affect distribution, abundance and dispersal of large mammal populations. I work at FERAL India.

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Anindya Sinha

My wide-ranging research interests are in the areas of behavioural ecology and cognitive psychology of primates, animal molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, conservation biology and the philosophy of biology. I am also interested in biology education and popularisation of science. I am at NIAS.

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Nishant Srinivasaiah

I have a PhD in the behavioural ecology of Asian elephants in a human-dominated landscape of the Eastern Ghats from the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. I am fascinated by the behavioural plasticity of large mammals to their changing environments. I work with FERAL, NIAS and IISc 

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Raman Sukumar

My areas of interests are wildlife ecology (Asian elephant ecology and management; population dynamics; wildlife-human conflicts), tropical forest ecology (diversity, structure and dynamics of tropical forests), and climate change (reconstructing Quaternary climate change; assessing impacts of future climate change on forests and biodiversity). I am at IISc

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